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Custom Design, Private Labeled

We at Scent Elements are specialized in manufacturing and providing custom designed private label reed diffusers.

We work with master perfumers from the world's top fragrance houses to ensure that each of our customers receives not only the best customer service but also the finest fragrance available then we combine it with the perfect diffusing bottles and the right packaging.

Our customers can choose from a large number of scents, including the possibility of creating a signature scent for your brand. 


The Process: 

  1. Choosing the right scent

Selecting or tailoring your desired fragrance by the world top master perfumers.

 2. Container and packaging

We can offer you a wide range of containers (glass, flask, porcelain, etc.), which can be customized according to your expectations.
3. Design
Design of the container and packaging
4. Manufacturing
Our equipment enables us to adapt to all high-volume production with the same reactivity and quality.
5. Laboratory testing
A series of tests ensure optimum quality in line with International standards.
6. Regulation
All our scents comply with European standards and cosmetic legislation.

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